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  • Hi, yes it's very nice. Very authentic. Indrayani Rice.
    ~Ms Purvee~
  • 4.5 Would love to share my experience on Indrayani Rice. The quality of rice is so good. The taste is excellent. Really takes the khichdi to the next level .It gives an excellent aroma when cooked. Also great for making Kheer. Now we consume it daily as my daughter loves it so much that now she doesn’t want any other rice not even Basmati.
    ~Ms Deepa W~
  • Oh ya it is nice. I am using mustard quite regularly and sunflower used only once ! Have stored in the fridge.. internet says that we can store in fridge to save it from oxidation due to moisture.
    ~Ms Gupta ~
  • We are using purakaa wood pressed oil for quite some time now and we are happy with purity it offers with added advantage of being wood pressed and above all its reasonably priced and easy to order. Thank you for providing such good quality at good price ,look forward to order more of such organic health friendly products in future
    ~Mr. Lakhani~
  • I have used your jaggery powder and coconut oil...both r really greatπŸ‘Œ
    ~Hemi Agarwal~
  • Rice and coconut oil that we have taken are great πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ
    ~Dr. Pramod Solanki ~
  • Finally I got the good ghee that I was looking for a long time. Thank u Puraaka. This ghee is really very good. πŸ‘πŸ»
    ~Adv. Leena Kaulgekar (Pune)~
  • A few days back i have placed order for Puraaka bilona ghee. Believe me being in medical profession, i wanted best quality ghee, i have tried many brands and even bought unbranded ghee from nearby dairy, also tried A2 ghee, but none of them matches Puraaka bilona ghee quality. The moment you open it you get that special aroma of ghee, and when i tried it with Puraaka jaggery it tastes so good. I can say that it's a quality product and reasonable price, once you try it you will not think of using any other ghee. Thank Puraaka foods for availing such a quality product and reasonable price.πŸ™πŸ™
    ~Mayur ~
  • Bilona cow ghee is super tasty. Flavour, Aroma and Taste defines the quality of the product. After all health is true wealth is proved right by investing in such products instead of spending money on famous brands which have only the names and not quality.
    ~Dr. Miksha Thakkar~